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Bring Joy with our Christmas Lights

The best time of the year not only consists of spending time with loved ones, eating great food, and giving, but also lighting the night up while filling the neighborhood with joy - or decking the house out better than the neighbor!

Christmas Lights by ZipLawn

Here at ZipLawn we take pride in our work, and we strive to achieve the goals and expectations our customers want. That being said, this time of year is important to us. We want to work with you and want to help you plan your Christmas Lighting. We offer Commercial Grade LED Lights and they are available in Warm White, Candy Cane (Red and White), and Multi-Color.

Installation and Removal

This includes installation of materials along the shingle eave and removal. We install 4' back on each side of the home, however we are happy to install as far back as requested for corner lot homes, etc. Custom designing includes meeting with our design Team at our office to design and plan your lighting needs. We also offer off-ladder designs and some examples of off-ladder designs include but are not limited to doghouses, picture windows, and roof valleys.

Installation generally takes place in early to mid November with the goal to have them up by Thanksgiving, and removal occurs during the first two weeks of January. Once we remove the lighting we will leave them packaged up at your property for you to store until next season. Since we offer our materials only, ZipLawn includes a 5 year warranty on all LED Strands and Bulbs due to workmanship, provided we are installing and removing the lights during our regularly scheduled season. Damage caused by circumstances beyond our control is not covered, including but not limited to hail, winds, animals, power surges, etc.

Lighted Garlands

The Lighted Garlands we offer are heavy duty commercial brand deluxe Colorado Pine Garlands. The areas you want measured out can be done during the initial measurement of the roofline.

Learn More About Christmas Lighting

Our pricing for Christmas Lights are extremely competitive, so if you would like to schedule a measurement to get a quote on pricing, please give us a call here in the office at 817-928-5296 and we would be happy to help you get started.

Or for more information, be sure sure to check out the Christmas Light Installation section of our website.