Lawn Care Tips

Get the Most out of Your ZipLawn Lawn Care

ZipLawn provides a complete array of Lawn Care services, backed by a team of turf management and agroscience professionals. Our goal is to provide excellent service and effective products at reasonable prices.

Communicate Your Needs

Our goal is to meet your specific needs. Please let us know if you have a problem with our lawn service or would like us to change the way we are performing your lawn care. Always talk to someone at the office since we are sitting in front of computers and can note everything for you so that your changes are stored on your account and not forgotten.

Read Your Order Messages

Please read and follow the Notes, Order Messages and Client Instructions on your order. For example, it is OK to water right after a granular fertilizer application, but it is best to wait 24 hours after a spray. Or, if we had to reschedule your service, your Order Message will explain why. We put special notes on your order for a reason, so please follow them for best results.

Notifications to Expect

We will send a notification to your account email, 3 days before your service when your order is created, another email when we are on our way, and a an email receipt when we have completed your service order. Please anticipate these emails and let us know if there is ever a concern. For example, if you were expecting service and did not get our email then there may be a problem. Please let us know beforehand so we can meet your expectations before it becomes a problem.

How Our Billing Works

We will pre-authorize your payment method the day before your scheduled service date. Some banks may show our pre-authorization as a charge or debit, but please be assured we do not charge your payment method until after your service is completed.

Save with our Neighbor Discount

Save up to 10% with our automatic neighbor discount program. We have the most generous discount program in the industry, click here to learn more.

Do Not Water the Day Before Your Service

Your lawn will always get the best cut and/or product application if it is dry. Also, it makes cleaning up after your service difficult if the grass is damp. Damp grass clippings will stick like glue to your driveway, patio and other concrete areas and will not completely blow off.

Water Your Lawn the Day it was Cut

Mowing your lawn causes stress to the grass plants and water is an essential element of plant health. So do your lawn a favor and give it a nice deep watering after it has been cut. Be sure to check our website to see if today is a good time to water in your area or if rain is already in your forecast. Our Learning Center has an excellent article with Watering Tips for a Healthy Lawn.

Invest in a Smart Irrigation Controller

A smart sprinkler system will give you the flexibility to block out watering days and some of the fancier ones will even skip watering when there is rain in the forecast to save you money. There are many choices available on the market for smart irrigation controllers and their prices have come down enough that they will usually pay for themselves in a single season with the money you save on your water bill. Our Learning Center has an excellent article on the Benefits of a Smart Irrigation Controller.

Visit our Learning Center

Our Learning Center is stocked full of excellent articles from our pros to help you make the most of your lawn care. It is a service we offer free to both our customers and DIY lawn care folks alike. Click here to visit our Learning Center.
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