Lawn Care Tips

How to get the most out of your ZipLawn Lawn Care


Our goal is to meet your specific needs. So, please let us know if you have a problem with our lawn service or would like us to change the way we are performing your lawn care. It is always best to talk to someone at the office since we are sitting in front of computers and can note everything for you so that your changes are stored and not forgotten.

Take special note of order messages

Please read and follow the messages on your order. For example, its OK to water right after a fertilizer application, but its best to wait 2 days after a spray. We put special notes on your order for a reason, so please follow them for best results.

Be sure your notification settings are to your liking

We can notify you when an order is created, when we are on our way, when we have completed, and so much more. So don't be in the dark with your lawn care. Be sure to let us know what email and text notifications are important to you.

Try not to water for 2 days before your scheduled lawn service

Your lawn will always get the best cut and/or product application if it is dry. But why do we ask you not to water for 2 days before your service? That's because our system is smart, really smart! If our internal weather forecast is calling for rain on your scheduled service day, we automatically try to fit your service in the day before, this way your lawn stays on schedule.

Water your lawn shortly after it is cut

Mowing your lawn causes stress to the grass plants and water is an essential element of plant health. So do your lawn a favor and give it a nice deep watering after it has been cut. Be sure to check our website to see if today is a good time to water in your area or if rain is already in your forecast. Our Learning Center has an excellent article with Watering Tips for a Healthy Lawn.

Don't skip service days when we are also putting down product

Remember we said our system is smart? Really smart? It is. We automatically take in a multitude of factors when determining when to apply product to your lawn. We look at soil temperature and moisture, weather forecasting, when we applied the product last and so much more to pinpoint the best day for application. We are OK with you skipping a service day, that's what makes us unique, just not when we are applying product too because that will make it late.

Consider investing in a smart irrigation controller

A smart sprinkler system will give you the flexibility to block out watering days and some of the fancier ones will even skip watering when there is rain in the forecast to save you money. There are many choices available on the market for smart irrigation controllers and their prices have come down enough that they will usually pay for themselves in a single season with the money you save on your water bill.

Familiarize yourself with our Learning Center

Our Learning Center is stocked full of excellent articles to help you make the most of your lawn care. It is a service we offer free to both customers and DIY lawn care folks alike. Click here to visit the Learning Center. Class is in session.