Lawn Care Tips

Choosing the Right Mowing Frequency

Being unsure of what mowing frequency to chose from is quite common. With ZipLawn, we do our best to provide as much information as possible to help you understand your lawn better. Please read over the following mowing frequencies, so you can then determine what suits your lawn the best!

Growing Season and Weekly Mowing

During the growing season we see a lot of rain and sunshine in the areas we service, which causes grass to grow at a rapid rate. Lawns differ between each other, however, we have come to realize during this season almost every lawn requires a weekly mowing schedule. Weekly mowing during this season keeps it from overgrowing and getting too shaggy in between cuts. If you're wanting to achieve a manicured lawn, especially during this season, it is highly recommended to go on a weekly mowing schedule.

Growing Season and Bi-weekly Mowing

As stated in the paragraph above, we do recommend going on a weekly schedule and to stay away from a bi-weekly schedule during this period of time. We've concluded that going on a bi-weekly schedule during the growing season risks your lawn being in a shaggy, fluffy and in some cases an overgrown state due to the thickness and rapid growth. However, once we start making our way out of the growing season, bi-weekly schedules are good to go back on, just know the lawn may be a tad bit shaggy in between cuts.

Dormancy Season and Bi-weekly Mowing

When grass starts to slow down on growth, bi-weekly mowing is the perfect schedule. Bi-weekly mowing during this time keeps your lawn manicured with the rate of how its growing. Dormancy takes places in the fall and early winter. Once winter hits, mowing can still be set at a bi-weekly schedule, however things stop growing after a certain point to where mowing is hardly needed at all.

If you sign up with our services and are still unsure of which mowing frequency is best for your lawn, our Teams are trained to determine what mowing frequency the lawn should be on. If you have any further questions, please give our office a call at 817-928-5296 and we will be happy to help!