Lawn Care Tips

The Problem with Weed and Feed

While Weed and Feed products are a staple at the Home Improvement stores and used quite often by folks, we cannot recommend their use and here is why.

The problem with Weed and Feed is that the two functions the product is supposed to perform are time critical. Weeds usually begin taking hold during two times of the year. First, in early spring before the lawn breaks dormancy. And second, in the fall when the lawn is starting to enter dormancy.

If you apply Weed and Feed in the spring, then you are wasting Fertilizer since the lawn doesn’t need to be fed until it is 50% green. And if you apply it in the fall, you predispose the grass to disease because of lush growth due to the fertilizer application at a time it shouldn’t be growing very fast. Also, we believe that the spray form of post-emergent weed killer is far more effective than the granular form used in Weed and Feed products.

Having said all of that, we do stock an excellent granular Weed and Feed since many customers insist on using it. If Weed and Feed is still your thing or you would like to see what we recommend for your specific needs, click here for a Free Quote and leave your Lawn Care to us!