Lawn Care Tips

Diseases to Look Out for in Your Lawn

Fungal disease in your lawn can appear in many different forms and it is important to keep an eye out for changes in your lawn and know what to look for.

Fungal disease will appear as dead or dying patches of grass that typically have smooth outlines. Depending on the variety of fungus, these browning areas can look like everything from a mower blade scalped the lawn to an intricate maze-like pattern throughout the lawn. Heavy and continual rains, moderate spring and fall time temperatures, and stress significantly increase the likelihood of a fungal outbreak in your lawn.

Importantly, fungal disease will spread rapidly often times destroying the entire lawn if left untreated.

When dealing with a lawn disease, it is always recommended to hire a professional. First, the type of disease is typically difficult to diagnose. Second, most of the products that effectively treat fungal disease are regulated and only available to lawn care professionals. And third, there are often underlying health problems in your lawn that led up to the disease.

Below are common fungal diseases and how they will look in your lawn.

  • Brown Patch. Roughly circular patches throughout the lawn that may resemble a pet urine burn.
  • Dollar Spot. Smaller silver dollar circular spots that will typically appear connected.
  • Leaf Spot. Yellow to dark brown circular burns on the grass blades.
  • Pythium. Presents visually very similar to Brown Patch.
  • Fairy Rings. As the name describes this disease looks like small to medium size brown rings in the lawn. Very much like a mower scalped the area.
  • Spring Dead Spot. Larger blob shaped brown areas that are typically well spaced apart. As the name implies this disease will appear in the early spring as the lawn breaks dormancy.

If you think you might have a fungal disease in your lawn, call ZipLawn Lawn Care Service today and let us take care of it quickly and handle it right the first time.