Lawn Care Tips

When to Apply Pre-emergent

Summer weeds, like crabgrass, must have several consecutive days of soil temperatures above 55 degrees before they germinate. If the seed is near the surface of your soil, it becomes warm quickly. If it is buried deeper, it might take several weeks before the soil becomes warm enough for the germination process to begin. This is why you see weeds much earlier in the spring season around concrete driveways and sidewalks. Winter weeds, on the other hand, require several consecutive days of soil temperatures below 70 before they germinate.

How Long is Pre-emergent Effective

Pre-emergent granule will remain most effective in the soil for 45 days after application with limited effectiveness for roughly 2 to 3 months. This is why we recommend a total of 3 applications. Twice in the spring when the average soil temperature warms to 55 degrees with a follow-up application 45-60 days later; and once in the fall when the average soil temperature drops to 70 degrees.

You'd Rather Apply too Early than Late

To determine if it is too late to apply a weed preventer to your lawn, all you have to know is what the soil temperature has been for the last few days. If it is above 55 in the spring or below 70 in the fall, the weeds have already begun to germinate and you have missed your window.

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