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How to Kill Crabgrass for Good

Crabgrass is one of the most difficult weeds to control since nothing is effective at killing the crabgrass weed once it has emerged. This is why a spring pre-emergent to kill crabgrass is so important. Keep reading and learn how to kill crabgrass and keep it away for good.

How Does Crabgrass Grow

Your best defense against crabgrass is a thick, lush and healthy lawn. Crabgrass is more likely to take root in bare, patchy lawns and areas where the soil is densely compacted. Effectively killing crabgrass for good requires a consistent approach.

Start a Regular Fertilization Program

Fertilizer is the food that plants need to thrive. Without fertilization your lawn will not receive the nutrients that it needs to thicken up and help crowd out the crabgrass weeds. Read our Lawn Fertilzation Tips for expert advice on fertilizer techniques to kill crabgrass for good. But remember, crabgrass weeds love fertilizer too, so be sure to keep reading to make your crabgrass problem a thing of the past.

Be Sure to Water Properly

Lawns need Fertilizer, Sun, and Water. While we cannot control the sun, we can be sure we are watering and applying fertilizer properly. In order to kill crabgrass for good, be sure that you are watering deeply to saturate the soil. Short duration watering schedules will only promote crabgrass growth since the crabgrass seeds are typically found in the first inch of soil and light watering keeps that layer of soil moist. Check out our Watering Tips for a Health Lawn.

Apply Spring Pre-emergent at the Right Time

As we've discussed, water, sun, and fertilizer are critical for the growth of a healthy lawn, but the crabgrass weeds use those same things to flourish. Did you know that the crabgrass weeds you see in the spring actually sprouted from the seeds that your crabgrass weeds dropped in the soil from last spring? This is where an effective spring pre-emergent application will help kill the crabgrass seeds when they germinate. But you must know the best time to apply spring pre-emergent to be successful.

Well, there you have it. Following these steps will kill crabgrass and keep the weeds out of your lawn for good. However, have patience since it can take a few seasons to get rid of crabgrass completely. At ZipLawn we take the guesswork out of killing crabgrass for good. Click Here for a Free Quote.